After months of hammer to code...

Seduce Me the Complete Story has been updated to fix all Gallery bugs. How am I so confident this time?

I spent almost 5 hours speedrunning the game to unlock every single CG and checked every single one. They are all unlockable. They are all clickable. No errors occur in any span of accessing the gallery anymore.

Alongside other minor fixes and the like, this newest build is hopefully the FINAL build of Seduce Me: The Complete Story. Thank you for your patience thus far and please enjoy the build!


Seduce Me the Complete Story - PC/Mac/Linux 3 GB
Dec 03, 2021
Seduce Me the Complete Story - Android APK 2 GB
Dec 03, 2021

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It’s been six years and somehow thinking about the game being over is still both painful and exciting because it means one story might be done but other stories are bound to come. Thank you for make games that help me get through my days, it might not seem like much to other but it always puts a smile on my face when I think back or replay it!

is this also an update for the iOS and Android version? 

Android, yes! Have yet to push the fixes through iphone!

Ok thank you so much! 


Thankyou for doing this! I love all your works and can’t wait for your future releases! :)


Thank you so much for doing this! And yes, the CGs work perfectly...I'm so, so happy because I really loved this game