A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Kris, Rosa, Peter, Xavier, and Lisa are friends for life. They went through high school together and all managed to wind up in the same community college. Their lives were filled with parties, study sleepovers, and everything best friends did. After all, you develop a bond after 8 years. However, there is a dark secret that clouds this friendship; one that has haunted certain members of the group for years.

The day before their graduation, on their way to their marching practice, they are kidnapped and taken to a remote location, their long-term memories locked away and leaving them frightened. Stainless steel bracelets decorate their wrists and they find themselves in the dead center of a sterile white room with one TV on the far wall and a locked door opposite of it.

The TV comes on and you learn that a dark secret has been hidden from Kris. The only way out for Kris and his friends is for him to discover it.

"I cannot wait until the truth is revealed... What will you do, I wonder..."

Who will leave?

Creative Team:

Remember, Remember is a collaborative effort by Ethan Nakashima and Michaela Laws
Game/Plot Design by Ethan Nakashima
Story Development/GUI Design by Michaela Laws
Sprite and CG Art by ReddArt
Background Art by Badriel
Music by Christopher Escalante
Sound Effects by Jonah Scott

Voice Over Actors:

Kris - Alejandro Saab
Rosa - Michaela Laws
Peter - Austin Hively
Lisa - Dawn M. Bennett
Xavier - Michael A. Zekas
Mask - Jalen K. Cassell
Sara - Hayden Daviau
Extras - Ethan Nakashima, Mark Child, Sheila M. Gagne

Download demo

Remember, Remember Demo (243 MB)