As of 5-20-2019...

After months and months of erasing files/scripts, imposter syndrome, and frustration, this is what I can show for now. It's not much, but it's bigger than you think. This game is not dead. ALL Art and Music is completed.

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I'm still checking in on this game so I havent given up. I cant wait until u finish the game

Any progress is good progress, and I'm really glad you are still with us Ms. Laws!

Thank god. I don't care if this takes years to come out, I'm just ecstatic that it's still being worked on because the demo was so much fun. I wish you the best luck in completing this project!  

I would buy all of your stuff if I had more money. But right now i have to pick the ones I would be interested the most

I'm happy to hear that it's not dead. I really do love your work.

Michaela! So happy to hear that the game is not dead. Will this be in Steam in the future? I can't buy games from because of the payment options.

Your doing great sweety, and i mean that genuinel