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I am seriously confused, I did the dancing bit and clicked and clicked even past the clock going and continued to (that my arm now hurts) and it never stopped going and went back to the story! no music, clock stopped and it is still doing the musical notes I cant get passed??


just fyi the game has a game-breaking bug on Windows as of April 20, 2020. Unless the creator has fixed it I'd recommend buying this over on Steam so you can easily get a refund in case it is buggy for you too! 


This was such a fun VN! The voice acting was on point and I loved the dark intrigue that William presented to the protagonist. I got the good ending in this episode and every possible bad ending in the 2nd episode, I couldn't help myself! I can't wait for the sequel and to see what you do with this open ended story, because I know I have TONS of questions about the council, William, and most importantly, the Gatekeeper.

where can I find all possible endings? 

There's only one good ending and several bad endings. Once you get the good ending, if you start the game and skip through to when there's a decision, you will always be able to choose the bad option and feel William's wrath as a result every time. I did a play through of this entire game and got every single ending (1 good and all the bad endings). The good ending is out now on my channel, and all the bloody ways to die from the bad ones are in the second episode that'll go out on Friday if you're willing to wait. :)

When is it getting released???

It's released now ;D

Ooo, this looks fun! Looking forward to the release!

Boi! Imma buy the heck outta this!

Omg I'm so excited for this!!! I can't pre-order just yet but as soon as I get paid I'm throwing more of my money at you~! <3